Private session of SAO

This will be a long haul, There are 100 floors yall will start at floor 1. Each floor has a dungeon with a boss. I will DM everything.
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 The guild squads

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PostSubject: The guild squads   Thu Mar 17, 2016 1:06 am

TBD- Your squad. Your job in the guild is to be frontline scouts. Map out the dungeon and such. Also in the boss fights the scout squads are given reign to go where they please, this is since they do not get to train as a team with the rest of the guild for boss fights.

The white wolfs- They are the other frontline scouts. Not much is truly known about the group, because like yours they are on the frontlines most of the time.

The guardians (goliaths)- Big and tanky. These members are the front line defense in Boss fights the have little offensive power but make up for it in the amount of damage they tank. As a group they are heavy drinkers but are a lively bunch. They protect their own.

The strikers- the second line in the ranks. They do damage when the boss opens up. They stay behind the guardians. Most of the time the act like hotshots. They are more offensively built

The black masks- Mages who focus in damage magic. They all were black masks and have been given the name to resemble. They vary and are more aloof than anything, though no one outside of the guild truly know who they are under the masks

The saints- Focusing in healing magic and buffs. The saints are the last line that are actually involved in combat.

Emergency reinforce division- They are usually trainees on the brink of "graduating" or freshly "Graduated". They stay in the back and really only fill in gaps if lines start failing. They are not specialized in offense or defense. They vary as a group since they are still trainees

Although these are the only squads that go into boss fights, a lot of people put effort in. Like the blacksmiths who make and repair the gear before entering, the cooks who cook meals to give the best buffs possible, the herbalists who make the potions, and the many others who do everything they can to help. This is a group effort and everyone pulls their weight.
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The guild squads
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