Private session of SAO

This will be a long haul, There are 100 floors yall will start at floor 1. Each floor has a dungeon with a boss. I will DM everything.
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 What the stats do

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PostSubject: What the stats do   Tue Mar 15, 2016 1:08 pm

Strength::How much you can hold, brute power (damage) higher can use heavier weapons
for every 50 points you get +1 damage with weapons

Vitality: How much health you have (health)
1/2 of points in this is your hp

Dexterity: How nimble you are with a weapon (accuracy)
every 50 points gives +1 to crit chance. I will keep up with this

Agility: How easy you dodge attacks (evasion)
every 50 points gives +1 to defense/armor

Magic power:The amount of damage your magic does (magic damage) higher get access to more elements
every 50 points +1 magic damage and every 200 add a magic element you can use

Spirit:How much magic you can use (mana "basically")
1/2 of the points in spirit makes your mana

Endurance: How long you can last combat skills (stamina)
1/2 of the points in endurance decides your stamina
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What the stats do
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