Private session of SAO

This will be a long haul, There are 100 floors yall will start at floor 1. Each floor has a dungeon with a boss. I will DM everything.
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 Where the story begins

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PostSubject: Where the story begins   Wed Mar 16, 2016 12:49 pm

The biggest baddest game has finally hit the market. Sword Art Online which is a state of the art virtual reality game. You have saved money and was one of the first to buy it. During what seems to be the opening ceremony the creator creates a projection of himself.

"Hello all, Thanks for joining my game. this has been a true dream of mine. Making a full game to stimulate real life in a fantasy land. There is just one issue if people die the can re-create a character. So I have decided to fix that I have made it where you are stuck in this game. You get this one character and if you die here you die in the real I can see a lot of yall are looking for the log off option in the menu. It is not there. I am not lying. To escape this game you will need to beat it. You have to go through each floor and defeat each dungeon boss. Once you beat the 100th floor boss the log out will re appear."

Panic sets in. People scream. There is chaos the following days.

After a few days groups are set and guilds are made and plans are set. You made a group with your 'IRL' friends and eventually are approached by a guild. They are recruiting and want your group to be a frontline group for them, you accept. You gain the full force of a guild.
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Where the story begins
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